OnTaem is real, TaemNew is truth. Welcome to the blog dedicated to SHINee's leader Onew and maknae Taemin, otherwise known as Best Friend Line. First, I`m sure you`re gonna ask why I say OnTaem and not OnTae. Because Korean fandom`s name for these two is OnTaem so I just say OnTaem. I personally like it better so don`t worry too much about it. Why do I love OnTaem? Well, why do you love OnTaem? It`s why you`re here, right? Because you love OnTaem. OnTaem is just love. It is. And they are just the cutest pairing alive. And no, I don`t care if other pairing fans say otherwise. OnTaem is the cutest pairing alive. They are. They just are. It`s not anything you can do about it. Blog ran by Ahreu and Manila.

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Posted: Sun May 8th, 2011 at 12:55pm
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